ACC – officially impaired!

We’re officially impaired!

At the start of this year we started a process to try and get some financial assistance from ACC (state run accident insurance). Sensitive Claims for any sort of mental injury caused by a traumatic experience are considered by ACC to be an “accident”, meaning that they will cover part of your medical and therapy costs. In order to receive further assistance we applied for the Independence Allowance which meant going through yet another assessment to determine whether there is any long term effects from the “accident”. So in early February we went through the process of assessment and for the last 7 months have been waiting for them to make a decision about whether we’re entitled to anything or not.

We rang ACC about a month ago to find out what was taking so long, to be told that the peer-reviewer was questioning the “wording of the diagnosis” and was waiting for information from my regular psychiatrist and also a psychiatrist that we were assessed by over a year ago! We don’t mind them asking our regular psychiatrist, but the psyc we saw over a year ago said on his report that we had two children – when in fact we had two CATS. So the guy doesn’t really inspire confidence.

Yesterday we got the phone call… You are 31% impaired in your global functioning… Wow, so we really are damaged? It doesn’t seem real until you see the figure. As I’ve stated we keep a full-time job, pay bills, avoid hospitals etc. So it’s easy to believe at times that we’re making it all up and we’re not really all that bad. But according to 3 psychiatrists who are paid by ACC and have a vested interest in under-reporting impairment levels, they’ve put us at 31%

Welcome back to reality…

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