Mothers and clinical psychologist

We’re seeing a new clinical psychologist at the moment to try and move forward in the therapy and healing process. It’s an interesting time as we all hide more so that she doesn’t see the craziness that is our life. Part of the reason for seeing her is to try to learn more skills to cope with the anxiety and triggers. I’m not sure that this is going to happen as it’s mainly been a concentration on breathing exercises which we already know. We’ve got another 6 sessions with her, so will see what happens…

Awhile ago we mentioned that the mother was going to come up to see us sometime, so she asked that if she does that we arrange it around one of the sessions so she can see how we interact with the mother and find out a little bit more about the past. We had that session yesterday and it was not fun! It was all going OK as she asked the general questions and asked to talk to the mother alone for awhile. But then she asked to talk to us alone and asked us to tell the mother how she could help us. Well it was a good way to check whether we could put the breathing exercises into practice! We’ve never wanted anything from anyone, especially from the mother. So we just fumbled around, and because we had to say something said that what she was doing was fine.

Then the mother had to tell us what she wanted so that she could help us. She talked about not blocking her out. That’s all we do with everyone, even those that haven’t hurt us, so why would we change that pattern and let her in when she’s hurt us so much?

Just keep breathing…

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