We need drugs!!!!!


Going crazy with the noise and the anxiety. Yeah we know this is a reaction to the mothers visit and the ACC thing saying our impairment level, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Have tried breathing exercises, thinking of the safe imagery, and all the Little’s are already in the safe room internally.

It was really bad a work, to the point where we called the clinical psychologist to say we needed help. She told us to go to A&E to get drugs – can’t do that because its a hospital, but then she explained she meant the after hours emergency clinic. Well we were a bit skeptical, cos like they don’t hand out clonazepam in the after hours clinics like they’re lollies. They have this issue about drug seekers and such. So we went there fearing we’d be made to do all sorts of explaining – especially as clonazepam is the drug we tried to OD on earlier this year! But strangely enough they doctor gave it to us after about 10 minutes of questioning about our level of safety, if we could go somewhere safe for the night etc. Well to make our life sound even sadder, we don’t have any friends and no one we trust enough to tell about the crazy stuff we do.

Our clinical psychologist had left her cell phone on in case the doctors needed to contact her, but they just believed us and gave us 5mg and a pat on the back. WOW…

So for the first time in about 6 weeks we had to resort to medication to help. We’ve got to do a presentation tomorrow, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.


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