Separation Agreement

Yesterday we signed the separation agreement!!!

We’re almost free of him!!!

We can finally get rid of all the rubbish he left behind that we’ve had to look at daily for the last 7 months!!!

Here’s the clip we did to celebrate… ***Trigger warning***

Our lawyer was the first to say that we came off much worse out of the agreement, but realistically we didn’t expect to come out any better. It was more a case of trying to minimise the losses. So from the $25000 that was owed at the end of the marriage, he pays $1500. $850 of which is to pay for a hole that he punched in the wall last year during one of his outbursts. Thankfully about $15000 of that debt is to our mother who isn’t demanding it back anytime soon. Hopefully if we get any financial support from the impairment levels from ACC we’ll be able to survive in a flat by ourselves.

I know people have different financial stresses, but at work there’s this woman who has a mortgage, a partner who is working and is doing up her house – and ALL she does is moan about money, needing her next paycheck, how poor she is etc. It’s kinda hard to hear when we’re just surviving financially and another woman at work has a husband who was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of months ago. Suppose its all relative…


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