Clinical psychologist & ACC

Well told the clinical psychologist about the level of impairment that ACC had determined, her response – “that’s not a true indication of what you’re experiencing”. She thinks it’s too low. We explained how we probably glossed over stuff during the assessment, so it’s not like they deliberately underestimated the impairment. We really didn’t think they would go that high considering we have a full-time job and our level of education.

She thinks that our intelligence is what keeps it all together so that we can continue to function… lmao that’s a back handed compliment if ever there was one… Also know of lots of other people who are more intelligent than us and are functioning lower, so must be we’re at the wierd spot of enough intelligence to cope with the craziness inside (with occassional overloads).

She also thinks that we use our head too much to over-ride what the body needs and wants to do… Like yeah, of course we do! If it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t be here…

Apparently we can appeal the ACC decision, but it would mean another assessment… NO WAY are we going to be put through that again! It had us all stirred up for weeks afterwards, so we know that we can’t go there again. Was bad enough today with the clin psyc, we were talking about the father and how Management is not aware of anything happening with the father from an abusive point of view. Stupid subject to raise, because then she explored that… We end up dissociating, hitting the head and scratching the arm. Now at work with a stinker headache from both the hits and the dissociation…

Oh well, back to writing web pages for the institutional repository – BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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