Going to see regular therapist tomorrow :)

This week the clinical psychologist we’ve been seeing is on holiday, so we’re going to see our regular therapist tomorrow. It’s really weird, we’re expecting to feel excited about seeing her again and filling her in on what work we’ve been doing with the clin psyc… some of the littles are, but there’s more a sense of fear. We think it’s probably our attachment issues coming up again – will she still be the same, will we be able to talk to her again or will the trust levels go back to zero????

For one day we’d really like to feel some sort of balance…

One of the women at work had a really rough weekend with her husband (who’s terminal with cancer). They went to the scallop festival, but he’d developed an abscess in his mouth which hadn’t been treated adequately when they went up to hospital a few days before. So he was miserable, she was angry at the nurses who sent them home without following correct procedures and they had to cut short their weekend. On top of that, this week is a chemo week for them!

When he had first been diagnosed, there was a collection at work for her so that she could spoil herself and hopefully forget about things for a few hours. Because they’d been stuffing around with the card, we got one last week for her. To try and make her feel a bit better after the awful weekend, the library staff gave her the card and some money today 🙂 Poor lady was speechless and in tears.

We really wish that seeing how they’re struggling to live would ease the urges of some of the parts to escape – but it doesn’t. They just want to know why he has to suffer when they want to die. They want to swap places with him.


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