He texted us :'(

We can’t believe it…
He’s sent us a text tonight.
We thought we were finished with him.
The text is in violation of the Protection Order.
We’re absolutely shaken to the core again.
How dare he!

We were starting to settle again after having a really rough week with the Mother’s Birthday and Father’s Day, and now this… 😥

Been reading some stuff about how you can’t be happy until you decide to be… How do you decide to be happy???? We’d really like that.


2 thoughts on “He texted us :'(

  1. Grr at him for sending you a text. That is totally out of order.If I knew the answer how to be happy, I’d gladly share it with you. Just know that I’m here if you need to talk x

  2. Yeah, we couldn’t believe it.The text wasn’t abusive – but we sure didn’t want to hear from him. So most of today was spent down at the Police Station laying a complaint about the breach of the Protection Order… Thankfully it was a really nice policeman who took the statement so it wasn’t too bad.

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