A day spent at the police station

Due to having NO sleep last night because of the text we got from the ex-husband, we spent the majority of today down at the police station! We decided to lay a complaint about the breach of the Protection Order because, even though the text wasn’t abusive, it affected us really badly. We went down there expecting them to give him a call and tell him not to contact us again – cos ya know it wasn’t all that bad…

Officer Dude had other ideas!

He wanted to know why they hadn’t been notified of the assault in February, why we hadn’t had the Family Violence group come visit us for an impact statement, and why we hadn’t had a call from Victim Support… Geez we didn’t even know we were meant to get all of that. Apparently the after hours clinic we went to for the injuries should have followed up on the assault – and they didn’t :/

For the first time we met a really nice policeman who cared and wanted to help. He was really angry when it looked like the police down where the ex is now living hadn’t served him with the Protection Order correctly (thankfully they had). He told us about some of the other cases that he was working with so that we felt more like this was a good thing to do. He gave the ex a moderate risk of being violent, even though he lives about 5 hours away by car – we explained that our fear is that he will get angry about something and jump in the car and get angrier as he comes up the country to get us.

I know it sounds dumb… but it’s both great and TERRIFYING when someone believes what we say and believes we’ve been hurt… it’s like if they believe us, then maybe it really did happen!!??!!??

We’d kinda like to believe that it didn’t, or it wasn’t really all that bad…

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