Clinical psychologists are nice :)

We had our weekly appointment with the clinical psychologist today and it was kinda funny. She’s this rather reserved woman who seems to know the right thing to say and how to say it (she’s good at her job in other words). But today I showed her the ACC impairment report and she kept on saying (loudly) “But how can they do that….???” It was good to hear 🙂 we weren’t being overly sensitive, our concerns about the report are correct 🙂

She’s going to write a letter saying how the second report is rubbish, and the reason I can work is BECAUSE of the defence mechanism of dissociation. So the abuse has lead to me appearing high functioning, but is a mask that hides the dysfunction to the rest of the world.

She also directly talked about how to handle the alters today. Apparently there were a few odd texts that were sent to her over the weekend, so she wants an agreement that any texts that go to her are to be approved by Management first. We said that this can happen 9 out of 10 times, but that there are times when the dissociation is out of control so it may not work. She was alright with that, as long as we tried and didn’t play games – she didn’t state “playing games” but its what it boils down to… fair enough as well.

She’s also going to apply for more sessions so we can keep seeing her for a little bit longer. Thankfully she raised the subject. We’ve been worried about it for the last week, as we knew we must have been getting close to the end of our sessions with her.

I know its kinda sad to say, but it feels really good to have someone on our side. I know our other therapist is, but sometimes she just doesn’t have the skills to cope with the craziness that is our life.


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