Darkness ***Triggering***

This is a poem we wrote today…
Not sure why today as we weren’t triggered or anything. We actually met this really nice guy online and chatted with him for about 6 hours.
We’re not good at any of the Arts, so the poem isn’t great and anyone who knows about poetry will be able to rip it to shreds, but you get that 🙂


Darkness closes in
Surrounding the trembling figure
Cowering in the corner
Waiting for the pain to begin

Darkness closes in
Touching the skin like a kiss
She shrinks back
Further and further back into herself

She glimpses the pain
But it belongs to someone else
Someone stronger
Someone braver, harder… evil

She glimpses the rage
But it belongs to someone else
Not her
She never feels anything

Sometimes wonder about this mind and all the weird stuff it does…


2 thoughts on “Darkness ***Triggering***

  1. I like the poem, I can relate to it. Sometimes poetry isn’t about the technical blurb, its about the emotion and experiences expressed in the writing.Hope you’re doing ok 🙂 Sending smiles your way x

  2. Thanks Amy :)All is good here… Just got promoted a pay grade at work (YAY!)Hope things are ok with you!Smiles and (((safe hugs)))Sophie

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