Why are people so self-fish?

There’s this woman at work who is ALWAYS moaning, ALWAYS depressing to be around. We accept that she is going through a rough patch in her marriage, and it’s probably going to end. But why does she have to moan all the time??? On Monday, our manager at work wanted both her and I to go over to the graphic designers who had worked on the Institutional Repository with us to give them a gift. Well “moaner” was asked to come too – “but I have distance to do” “I can’t make it”… blah blah blah… We didn’t want to go either cos we hate fuss, but really wanted to thank the designers cos they had done a great job…

So we went over with the manager and she gave us all a $50 book voucher each for the great job we’d all done. Moaner got one as well, but she didn’t even act ashamed that she was moaning about even going over to see these guys less than 20mins before.

Then yesterday she was moaning about having to put the cost of buying new curtains onto her VISA… Good grief, we can’t even afford food this week! Another lady at work is having to deal with a dying husband! Get over having to put a luxury onto your VISA card you ungrateful woman!

I think what really gets us is that she has no empathy. On Monday one of the other ladies could hardly walk because she’d hurt her back. Moaner didn’t even notice. We noticed and we’re going through hell. In the past she’s talked about people taking marriage seriously – while in front of us going through a marriage separation! She’s told all sorts of racial stereotypes about how its usually the “brown skinned people” who do domestic violence – again in front of us and she knew we were victims of domestic violence. We’re of European descent…

Ohh the drama queens….


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