We talked to someone else with DID!

I know this sounds silly, but yesterday we talked to someone else with DID!!!! We don’t feel so freakish… We know that other people in NZ have the disorder, but have never knowingly met one or talked to one until this past weekend. Its amazing what a normalising feeling that is. Have talked with people online through You Tube with DID, but never in person.

So suddenly we feel a little more normal. She also works full-time and was offering support in ways to move forward with the reply to the assessment we had. So she’s nice too!

We’re also still talking to the guy we met through a chat room. That’s a bit more scary, but also special. Had a huge misunderstanding the other night so ended up having a really knee-jerk triggered reaction to him. Poor guy. But he just keeps on being there… odd. Not used to people being there. I don’t mind, and really enjoy being there for other people. But someone is kinda there for me, and cares if I had a rough day… 🙂


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