We survived the weekend.
The Crisis Assessment Team came around after we’d called the 0800 line. But we couldn’t face the psyc ward so ended up putting Aimee up front for the assessment – there’s no way they would section her she’s always so happy and cheerful. Thankfully the CAT lot are pretty thick so don’t ask simple questions like “What is your name” – Aimee wouldn’t lie.
We’re now trying everything possible to distract and keep some focus on being as safe as possible. We go online to try and watch clips on YouTube but often dissociate so end up coming back to find us down at the lake. Time loss is always scary, but at the moment is just dangerous. Some of us are not good drivers!
We managed to do a clip for YouTube to try and get some focus on doing a project. Got asked about it being subliminal, which was weird considering the images weren’t short enough or hidden enough to be subliminal. To add to the odd comments the same person came back after my explanation of why it wasn’t intended to be subliminal to say our mental health crisis was “interesting”. We’ve put all comments on approval, except for friends. Can’t handle other people questioning us at times like this. Too much scope for us to be triggered or mis-understand what is being said.

4 thoughts on “Surviving

  1. I’m glad to hear you are surviving. I’m online most of the time if you need to talk about things or even if you just need a distraction.I saw that comment on youtube, i think that person just has no clue what they are on about.I hope you’re ok, i’m thinking of you x

  2. Thank you Amy. I didn’t want to respond to the comment on You Tube in case it started something that got out of hand. Sorry but Sophie who you usually talk to is not around at the moment. Things are a little bit crazy. We read your blog and are glad you’re having some good days. Thank you for your kindness – it helps.

  3. Thanks Amy. That sentence alone helped. Small acts of kindness really do mean a lot. We think we’re going to be ok. But have to go and see our psychiatrist tomorrow, and that will be the test as to whether we’ll be sectioned or not. We’ll let you know how it goes.Your boxer and her puppies are absolutely gorgeous by the way.

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