Another day…

Well we didn’t get sectioned under the Mental Health Act!!! Yippee!!!
We had to go see the psychiatrist to get some more anxiety meds and he decided that, although he has concerns about our safety, we’ve got enough control to monitor the situation. Also the mother is arriving tonight, so we’ve got another source of safety and reason.

We’re worried about the mother arriving… She hasn’t seen us this bad probably ever. Hopefully the threat of her arriving will force the dissociation to settle as a way of protecting the system.

On a totally different subject, we called the guy from America this morning. NOT a good idea when we’re so dissociative. There are ones of us who are solely set-up for satisfying the whims of men. So the poor guy got the whole works… Thankfully I managed to get some control before it got too out of control, but it just showed that we probably can’t call him again. We can’t be trusted not to do it again, and it isn’t fair on him. He said he realised what was happening, but didn’t stop it. What a mess. Neither of us need that… so it’s back to emails which are much safer 🙂 Hopefully all the lines haven’t been crossed and we can get back to being friends. Was interesting, he said we’re too alike and that’s what is so dangerous. I think he’s right. We don’t have his artistic talents or intellect, but we enjoy many of the same things. Also both being dissociative means that we know the problems that go with that.

Ahhhh just another day in wierdsville….


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