Going into respite care…

Yesterday we were told that we should go into respite care for a week to try and keep the body safe during the period of the ex-husband’s birthday. Not sure if we can – how can we leave our gorgeous cat in a boarding place?? I know that logic probably seems off, but she is one of the reasons we have to stay safe at home, she relies on us.

Told our therapist this via text – can imagine her rolling her eyes and calling us crazy. Well to most people there is no logic to it. Ok there’s probably no logic for anyone, but it’s one of the things we use as a coping mechanism.

Pretty sure we can stay safe, just have to use all our coping mechanisms and strategies… We have to work on Saturday too. That will help.

Would love to be able to control the ideation…


2 thoughts on “Going into respite care…

  1. Thanks Amy :)Well it was possibly the worlds shortest stay in respite care! Got there, freaked out, said we couldn’t stay, someone from the respite place drove us to the hospital… We were at respite place for about 1 hour and spent another hour at the hospital being assessed for our safety.Now home again.Respite people were really nice, but it was an old converted hospital, so was too triggering for us.Take careSophie 🙂

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