World's shortest stay in respite care….

Ok, so we managed to get respite organised. They said they would extend the stay out for two weeks if we needed it – they were really nice πŸ™‚

But then we got there… PANIC… They forgot to mention that the respite place was an old converted hospital! We can’t do hospitals. One of our worst triggers. Sure it had been converted and re-decorated and everything, but it was still looking like an old hospital. We lasted about an hour and 2mg of clonazepam. They tried having someone there that we could call on for help, and then leaving us totally alone. Then they nicely asked if we thought we could cope. Well did a bit of craziness then bugged outta there!

They drove us around to the local psyc ward as they were concerned about our level of safety, but were released after being assessed by some resident who didn’t know much. Random question – why do they make the least experienced people in the hospital do assessments?????

So we’re back home with our cat… lol.

Hating what our clinical psychologist and psychiatrist are going to say considering that they were the ones that organised the whole thing! Caught between feeling like a failure for not being able to stay at a respite place and just pure relief for having gotten outta there! It was a place where we were meant to relax and be safe for goodness sake… But no, we freak out just cos of the shape and feel of the building. How pathetic is that?


5 thoughts on “World's shortest stay in respite care….

  1. Hi Sophie,Amy is right. That was not pathetic. I’m sorry the place itself was triggering. But you can’t relax in a place that is totally triggering. Your support people will understand that. Good for you for getting yourself out. And I agree with you about the assessment part. Clueless.Hope you and kitty are getting by okay…and safely.

  2. Thanks Grace and Amy… needing all the positive things we can get today!We couldn’t face people today so are at home on “Professional Development”. Our team leader has been GREAT, her only concern apparently when we asked to see her privately was that we were leaving the job πŸ™‚ We know we did the right thing in getting out of there intellectually. Just the emotional baggage says that it’s a failure to have left… Bad messages from the past.Thank you both πŸ™‚

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