Good news and bad news…

Started off the day with some great news – the rather incompetent team leader is leaving…
Then later started to get the bad news – we’re expected to apply for her job…

We know it’s a compliment and will mean that we’d earn more – which is greatly needed. But we’re only just coping with what we’re doing at the moment! It’s going to be hard to wriggle out of it as everyone on staff is telling us to apply.

We just got the talking to by the crazy driver team leader who we know well and respect… She wants us to apply and then swop teams so that we are in charge of the techies and she’s in charge of the teaching lot.

Trying not to freak and just take it as a compliment… Trying hard not to think we have to apply to keep everyone happy….

Well at least talking about this might divert the therapy session on Wednesday away from flashbacks – yes there is a silver lining. Gee and they reckon we’re depressed… lol

2 thoughts on “Good news and bad news…

  1. you are in control of your boundaries, not them. you can just not apply, and if anybody asks, just say you aren’t interested… you could say what you are doing now is enough for you, and you don’t need a promotion. but its none of their business why!don’t give them the power to direct your life – that’s for you and you alone to decide. only more forward if it feels right inside.hope it was ok to post this!

  2. Hi Vague,Yes its fine to post :)We understand what you are saying, however its very hard in reality when the co-workers are constantly telling us to go for the job even though we’ve stated we’re not interested. We’re pretty fragile at the moment so can’t cope with conflict.Thank youTake careSophie 🙂

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