Another therapy session

Positives from today’s therapy session:

  1. We turned up on time.
  2. We didn’t go over time.
  3. We didn’t talk about the flashback.
  4. We didn’t talk about any abuse.
  5. One of us stood up to the therapist and said that she was insulting us.

4 thoughts on “Another therapy session

  1. Your therapist was insulting you? Thats so not on. I’m glad you took away some positives from the session though.But you know you’ll need to talk about those things sooner or later in order to move forward.

  2. Hi Amy,It wasn’t a direct insult, it was her approach to integration. It was very flippant and insulting so One called her on it :)She had a bit of a huffy moment when she then thought we weren’t going to talk to her anymore – was actually just One taking time to process things and not being uncomfortable with silence. Still not sure about her or her approach, I think she’s moving a bit too fast. Will see what happens next week…Take care 🙂

  3. Major props to you for standing up to your therapist. It’s wonderful that you felt able to speak your mind. *cheering*

  4. *smiles*Well she was talking to the part that is in charge of the floor containing the anger, shadows, pain etc. So definitely not a shrinking violet… I think the she was a bit surprised by the change in attitude…

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