Friends are good things

Last night Sophie had the courage and strength to talk to our friend in America by herself for over an hour. This may not sound like much, but it’s huge. She knows he is to be trusted and won’t intentionally cause harm, but there was a fear that she would be rejected as they hadn’t talked for so long. But he was his usual sweet self and it was all fine… so friends are good things!

To make it even better, she was able to cause him to laugh πŸ™‚ Sophie does a shockingly bad imitation of a stereotypical American accent, which apparently sounds very funny to an American… Mind you she was saying “blogger dude”, so its not like it was something that is commonly heard in everyday conversation.

You know when you’re with a friend when even the silences are comfortable…

When she finished talking to him on the phone she was then able to remain up front and talk to our friend from Britain as well… *waving to Amy if she reads this*

Yay our Sophie is back!!!! We’ve missed her… Her confidence was knocked and her attention has been focused on protecting, but now she is able to be present more often… These two friends helped her be present and let her know that it was ok to be present…

Thanks for friends…


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