Good memories….

We’ve just been talking to a friend who asked about our grandparents – for some reason they just asked about our “nanna” – not “grandmother” but “nanna“. We called one set of our grandparents “Nan & Pop” and the other set “Nanna and Grandad”. Our Nanna had Parkinson’s Disease and passed away when we were quite young, but being asked about Nanna brought up this most amazing, beautiful memory…

The family were visiting them in Wellington and we’d had a bath and our hair was very long at that time. Because it was night and we should have been going to bed our Nanna told us to come over and sit in front of her chair on her foot stool… she towelled our hair partially dry then just brushed and brushed it until it was totally dry and so soft. We remember her scent – lavenders and the comforting feel of the brush being pulled through our hair.

We’d never felt so safe…

Made us cry happy tears for the first time in a long time…..
We love and miss you Nanna……
We’re sorry we didn’t tell you…..


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