Physical illness & parts

We’re physically sick… We sound like we’ve got sand paper in our voice box and our head is about to explode from the pressure in our sinuses… We feel like cr*p slightly warmed up…

What’s weird/interesting/odd about the whole physical illnesses thing and the DID is that we have different parts who have totally different symptoms. This is where we feel even more like a crazy attention seeking nut job… As an example Management and Sophie suffer from REALLY bad hay fever, but Aimee doesn’t get hay fever at all. We’ve been in therapy where we’ve switched from Aimee who was happy and enjoying chatting to our therapist; to Management who after about five minutes was in full hay fever mode with the runny nose, sore throat, watery eyes etc. The room hadn’t changed at all… no windows were open, no draft…

Katie has bad asthma whenever Sophie gets the hay fever, but Management doesn’t experience the asthma…

Just weird… we’ve read articles where this sort of thing has been studied, but it just seems really odd. We’re still part of the same body, so how do we react so differently to simple things like pollen?

Not many of us feel the body or we have such a high pain threshold that any physical injuries are rarely felt – this is what allowed us to work for 6 months on a broken leg. So that doesn’t change too much. It’s more the things like flu’s, colds and asthma…

Just weird… Or maybe we’re usual for a DID system??? Not sure…

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2 thoughts on “Physical illness & parts

  1. I think it’s pretty common. My primary functional alter has seasonal allergies, and I don’t. He was out very strongly a couple of weeks ago while working with some out-of-town clients, and I was a sneezing mess the whole time, but fine the moment they left and he went back to his own usual sphere of existence.

  2. Having only read about the extremes – the need to change prescription glasses, left handed versus right handedness etc. So was wondering if what we were experiencing was in the usual range or not.Take care…

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