As a librarian, we are used to researching and finding the answers to our questions.  As a person with a dissociative disorder, the need for reliable information is high, but the quality of the information available is mixed.  It is easy to search for one aspect of dissociation and get a range of resources that run the spectrum from ridiculous and insulting, through to peer reviewed, balanced debates or research.

We have another blog called Scattered Pieces about the struggles, challenges and joy that the dissociation can cause.   So this blog will not concentrate on that aspect of our life, but more the questions that result from those experiences.  This will solely be our opinion on the pieces found.  We’ve been librarians for 10 years now, so know about evaluating information.  But we also have the disorder, so have a bias as to what fits for us and how it influences our world view.  As with any information you find on the Internet, you should question its validity and the motivations for publishing it in a public forum.


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