*Sigh* my blog is about to be highjacked

This blog was intended to be my space to look at serious issues… but now the others have realised that they like this interface better than the blogspot account we have.

Instead of trying to create further barriers within our system, we’re going to be melding the two together… *sigh*… there goes the neighbourhood… lol.

I’m assured that I can keep doing “serious stuff”, but they want to balance that and put it into context of what is happening in our life.

Despite my rather cynical outlook, I’m glad that we’re going to be working together.


3 thoughts on “*Sigh* my blog is about to be highjacked

  1. I changed the link to your blog on my site, so it is here now. Thanks for letting us know you are moving the blog. I know that has to be quite a huge endeavor for you. It would be for me. I have never been on any other blog site, but I like WordPress, too. The only thing I wish is that we had more options for layouts/backgrounds. I hear you do if you are using the actual software, but I’m not computer savvy enough for that.

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