A thank you to therapists…

Recently we’ve been having “issues” with our current therapist.  As part of trying to find a new therapist, we contacted one in our home town who is listed on the ISST-D site.  With no real idea who we were or our background, she took time out of her day to recommend another therapist closer to where we currently live to see if she knew of anyone.

We contacted the therapist closer to us, and again she took time out of her day to ask if we could travel to Auckland (where there are a few therapists with experience in helping those with dissociation) and saying she’d get back to us.  Those who have read of our adventures about travelling to Auckland for a conference will know this isn’t really a possibility. Today we heard back from her, she apologised for not getting back to us sooner as she’d been on holiday – good grief we were just thrilled she replied at all!  She’s given us two people to try – both are registered with ACC so we can see them at reduced rates.  One is the supervisor of our previous therapist (who is nice, but just doesn’t have the skills to cope with the dissociation); so we’re going to try the other therapist first to see if she is taking on any new clients.

Thank you to all the therapists out there that go above and beyond to help a total stranger in need.  We’ve been stunned with the assistance that we’ve received and are grateful.  Some would say “that is their job” – but for helping us there was no financial reward, it was purely working from an ethical and moral standpoint of helping someone in need.

So a big Thank You to the therapists out there!  Yes, some should be on the other end of the therapy relationship, but some are excellent and help restore/maintain faith and belief in the profession.


4 thoughts on “A thank you to therapists…

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are making some progress with this. I saw on Kathy’s site that Sophie was quite concerned about the process, and so I am glad that the situation is proceeding in a positive way.

    I agree that good therapists are some of the most selfless and generous people in the world.

  2. OH! Wow!

    Thank you!

    I noticed my blog was getting a lot of referrals from your blog all of a sudden, so I decided to come visit and see what was up. And…. I’m stunned, but really, so very very grateful too. It is nice for all of us, any of us, to be appreciated, and I’m not exception to that.

    Kindness isn’t so hard. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes of time, and a teeeeny tiny bit of effort. Many of us don’t stop to think how much nicer it makes our own day when we are kind to others. And of course, it feels extra good when it comes back our way. 🙂

    To all the castorgirls (and any castorguys too :)), thank you. I am really enjoying getting to know you. 🙂

    Thanks again,



  3. Hi Kathy,

    That’s ok, we appreciate the work you do and it makes us think… we need to be shaken up a bit at times 🙂

    Yes, kindness can be so easy to do – but giving thanks for that kindness is important.

    Take care
    Sophie, Buffie and the others 🙂

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