Changing traditions

In an attempt to change some traditions and behaviours that occur at this time of the year due to anniversaries, we’re going to try something new – thanks to Amy for the idea.  Each day for the next month we’re going to take a random photo and put it up here.  Today we’re going to cheat a bit and use a photo we took awhile ago that some of us like.

Rain coming

Rain coming


3 thoughts on “Changing traditions

  1. When we have significant days we try to do something beautiful so that beauty can, year by year, erode away the horror. Our favourite thing to do is climb Mauao which is beautiful every time, especially when there is a low slung mist. Beauty is a good tradition. If I lived where you live I would go to the Gardens or walk along the river walk-way or lie under the huge red woods on R. Drive by the lake. Those are all good places for the soul. With love and gentle thought from us all.

  2. Hi Gracie et al,

    Ohhh we’d love to walk around Mauao 🙂 Even just looking at the ocean would soothe so much – maybe next year when the wounds aren’t so fresh.

    We’re doing the photos to try and keep us focused on a project up until the anniversary and then probably have a couple of days off around the time in case we can’t cope at work. The lake will definitely feature in the plans on those days. It’s not the ocean, but it is water with the peace that brings. Also the Coots are just so funny when they run – we always take seed or bread to feed them.

    Take care…
    Sophie 🙂

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