Random (potentially rhetorical) question of the day…

Sometimes if there is an event that is particularly stressful and one of us is present for the entire thing, afterwards we feel as if the pieces of the memory are almost being “taken away” from us by other parts of the system and being shared around… are we just plain arsed crazy, or does anyone else experience this?

We’re ok with being crazy – some really inventive and cool people are/were crazy 🙂

It could just be the adrenaline kicking in so it does something to the memory, but it’s almost as if chunks of it have been taken away from me.  It’s a really odd feeling.

Hmmmm maybe we just need to get some sleep!

Take care
Sophie 🙂


6 thoughts on “Random (potentially rhetorical) question of the day…

  1. Same thing happens to us. I like to think I can’t go crazy because I’m already crazy!! Well, maybe eclectic is a better description : )

  2. Glad we’re not the only ones. It’s a really weird feeling. We’ve never read about it anywhere, so wondered whether it was us just being odd or it happened to others.

    Like “eclectic”… sounds interesting rather than scary 🙂

  3. Hi Vague,

    It’s such an “odd” feeling. Sometimes I realise that there was an appointment yesterday and that I was there for it, then realise that some of the memory for that even is just “gone” in chunks. I can sometimes feel it being taken.

    Take care…
    Sophie 🙂

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