Without a therapist…

Today was our last session with Bob.  It went OK.  Our little toughie W came forward to do a majority of the session.  This worked in that she is very definite about what she wants or doesn’t want.  So while the softness of Sophie could be easily swayed, W ensured that this was a last session.

The big problem is that we are now without a therapist… heading into one of the nastiest anniversaries we have.  As we’ve never gone through this particular anniversary before, we’re not really sure how it’s going to affect us. So far, it hasn’t been good.

Bob is concerned that we’re going to have no support during this time.  She really is a good clinical psychologist, she’s highly recommended and we can see why.  The problem is that I’m not sure if she really believed in our diagnosis and tried to force us to quickly move ahead.  A great part of this is because of the way in which ACC fund clinical psychologist sessions (10 sessions at a time), as opposed to counsellor sessions (30 sessions at a time).  She was really nice about the whole thing and tried to assure us that this shouldn’t be seen as our fault – something that Sophie mentioned as we’ve failed to make progress with a highly recommended psychologist.

W has an issue with “running away” – her very childlike understanding of what suicide means.  Her wanting to run away was mentioned during the session and I think Bob picked up on what it really meant to W.  She mentioned getting hold of the Adult Mental Health Team to try and get us some assistance until we can find another therapist.  But the Mental Health Team and us are not a good mix.  They are sure that we have Borderline Personality Disorder, and treat us horribly as a result.  Bob again mentioned respite care and trying to use the respite as a way to try and get some rest and sleep – as well as monitor our safety.  We may have to resort to this, I’m not sure.  We’re not in danger at the moment, but know that this may change if we don’t get some sleep soon.

Just one moment at a time…


6 thoughts on “Without a therapist…

  1. We thnk that the respite care suggestion is sensible. I didn’t even know you could have that in such circumstances. I know that there is quite some flexibility with ACC funding. Maybe you could discuss it again with your Case Manager. ACC is approachable and they do actually consider each case on its individual merits as opposed to simply applying a one-for-all criteria.

  2. Has any headway been made with finding another therapist? I seem to recall that there was a lead on one at one point…?

    I think it would be good for you to have an emergency plan in place. FWIW, I will be sure to sign in to IM on those days — although I’m in a different time zone, if I’m around and you need someone to talk to, I’ll be here.

  3. Hi gracie,

    Have you heard of the place over in Raglan? It’s free for every woman in the Waikato for one week in their life. All you need is to get a referral from a doctor. This would be our easiest option as the psychiatrist would write something.

    I’m not even sure who our case manager is at the moment – they change so rapidly that they’ve gotten past the point of introducing themselves 🙂 Will see what happens…

    Take care…

  4. Thank you David, just knowing that the offer is there helps.

    We’re following up on the other recommended therapists – one was out of our price range and we’re waiting to hear back from the other one. If this doesn’t work out, we’ll go back to our previous therapist as a temporary measure.

    Take care…

  5. Thanks gracie – yes that is the place that was recommended.
    We’ve just had to teach for an hour and are now totally wiped out. To make it even worse, two of our workmates came along to watch us teach to pick-up some tips…

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