Insect dreams

This is very much from the random section of my brain…  But last night I had extremely odd dreams about insects and spiders.  I hate insects and spiders.  They move fast and are just “creepy” – yes, that scientific term used by many to describe bugs of various species.

But these were not ordinary bugs.  They were moving jewel encrusted bugs – sort of like the insect world and Cartier colliding.  They were everywhere – in my folded pile of clean washing, in my wardrobe…

What’s odd is that I wasn’t fazed by the jewel encrusted bugs at all.  I just swiped them away and let them fall to the floor.  My usual reaction to bugs is to either “abandon ship” and let the 1st floor deal with them; or to go get the bug spray and empty the can on the poor unsuspecting thing.  Both of these methods usually spell doom for the bug.

It appears as if the jewel encrusted variety were ok to let live as they just picked themselves up after being swiped onto the floor and kept on going.  They did seem to be slower moving – possibly the weight of all the jewels attached to their little bodies.  Considering our financial situation, I’m surprised there wasn’t some desire to pick the bugs up and sell them off 🙂


3 thoughts on “Insect dreams

  1. Maybe we could go find those bugs and put them on ebay! 😉
    My financial life sux right now also.
    Hang in there.
    Secret Shadows

  2. The jewelled bugs were quite cool. They were bigger than their equivalent “non-encrusted” counterpart, but so much prettier…

    Secretshadows – I wonder if there is an ebay in the dream world that would allow that 🙂

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