Where to from here?

We made it through the anniversary!  It was rough – derealisation on the day and then it hit us like a freight train the following day.  Poor Kriss got a crying female who couldn’t stay still for the entire day; well until we switched and then he apparently got someone who talked in a monosyllabic monotone.  I have a feeling it was a protective one taking their role quite seriously…

So yes, we made it through – we knew we would, we just weren’t sure how bad it was going to be.

We heard back from the recommended therapist today.  It wasn’t good news, she isn’t taking on anymore ACC clients.  So we’re going to have to go back to the search.  In the meantime we’re going to go see the therapist before Bob just to see if the break has helped the situation.  It may let us create better boundaries.  We’re just going to try one appointment and see what happens.  If there’s too much backlash internally, we’re back to the full on search.

Feeling very lost and adrift again – hate that feeling.


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