Not part of anything…

Since we posted the previous blog entry, we’ve been very disconnected from everything.  It doesn’t feel like a full dissociative state, but rather very robotic and empty.  It’s a very hard feeling to describe and one we get quite frequently.  It’s possibly a mild form of derealisation – we know what it feels like to be fully derealised, and this isn’t it.

We managed to severely annoy our cat today – we moved the place where we feed her 🙂  She knows where her food is located, but is currently sitting on the spot where her food used to be and is just staring at us…  If looks could kill we’d be dead and she’d be in a cat shelter…  Thankfully the lack of an opposable thumb means that we survive her disapproval for another day.

Another large part of the reason we’re having trouble tonight is that in the morning we’re having a couple from a local woman’s support network come and assess us for potential inclusion in their services.  It was one of the things that Bob told us about as a way of receiving additional support after-hours – that didn’t revolve around our poor mental health services.  The offer things such as respite care, courses and assistance.  The assessment is to see if they can help us and what we need.  We’re hoping that they can offer something, but it means having two of the team come into our home – something that we’re never too good with.

Better try and go get some sleep…


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