ACC mediation

Today was the ACC mediation appointment.  It was an interesting experience…

  1. Don’t assume that because the representatives of ACC are ringing in for the mediation, that it will be any less stressful than seeing them in the flesh – it won’t be.
  2. If you’re a mediator for a sensitive claim, DON’T try to reassuringly touch the claimants arm if she is stressed.  This will have the side effect of causing the claimant to “freak” and nearly bring the mediation to an early closure (about 10 mins in).
  3. Ensure that if you are the claimant in an ACC mediation process, that you have a kick arse advocate!  We have a kick arse advocate 🙂
  4. If you’re the ACC representative, don’t disclose that a request for a full copy of the claimant’s file was not followed – it will annoy her no end and cause a dissociative switch.
  5. If you’re the ACC representative, DON’T call into question the assessors and peer reviewers credentials – it doesn’t make the process look all that equitable or transparent.
  6. If you’re the ACC representative, DON’T say that the peer reviewer who slashed the claimants entitlements “wrote the book” on the assessing guidelines – especially when the guidelines are actually written by the American Medical Association…  The big clue about this one is on the title page of the guidelines 🙂
  7. If you’re a mediator for ACC and are alone in the room with the claimant, don’t talk about your Lemon De-tox diet – she really doesn’t care.  Although it was a good attempt at trying to make a hellish situation a little more bearable…
  8. If you’re the claimant, try not to self-injure while in the middle of mediation.  OK so it was only scratching, but it’s not a good look!
  9. If you’re the mediator, DON’T ask at the end of the mediation if the claimant really works full-time with a rather stunned look on your face – it really made us feel really inadequate that we couldn’t keep it together for the two hour meeting.

Mediation over!  We just have to write up our full abuse history, detail why we are such a mess in our daily functioning and try to explain DID as a support function which allows us to work full-time…  So… like… yeah… like a piece of cake really!

We then have the prospect of having to do another assessment if they still don’t change their entitlement allocations significantly…  Are we having fun yet?


9 thoughts on “ACC mediation

  1. Dear Castor Girl

    In my opinion it is unfair (by the ACC, the legal system, the society as whole, the God) to trigger you with having to list the incidences of abuse (before allowing you to be helped).

    It’s plain wrong what they are doing. They are guilty. Not you.

    Please let the inside hatred be directed at them (not at yourself by self-injuring).

    They deserve to be injuried (i.e. not you).

    Can you express the inside hatred at them, please?

    If you can not… can you at least direct the anger at me (for whatever reason) instead of self-injuring?

    They should apologize to you for triggering you.

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  3. Hi Sam’s the most (too much) righteously bold & creative alter,

    Do you realise that it makes some of us smile whenever we read your name 🙂 I think that a few of us have a secret desire to be bold and creative…

    We would never express the anger and frustration or any of the extreme emotions at you. I’m not really aware that we’re experiencing them at all – although having read the protected post it’s obvious that some of us are confused and hurting.

    The reason for having to write the history is that the current history they have is inaccurate and mixed-up. I’m not sure if this is the fault of our poor communication skills, our previous therapist not detailing it correctly, or the assessing psychiatrist. It really doesn’t matter, we just need to do it in order to ensure that we continue to receive assistance and consideration for the allowance we need to pay for therapy.

    I agree that it’s not fair that we have to do this. It’s one of the ways in which the system re-victimises those with sensitive claims for sexual abuse. We could refuse to provide it, but that will just mean that we’d be forced to undergo another round of psychiatric testing to see if we should be in the ACC scheme. At least this way we can maintain some form of control over the situation.

    We didn’t self-injure last night. We’re OK 🙂
    Thank you for caring and posting this…
    Take care

  4. Sorry, I should have added that “The left arm” post refers to one of our consistent strange self injury urges we get – the left hand is the devil’s hand and it is always the left side of the body that we self-injure. The left hand and arm have all sorts of meanings for us.

    We’re fine though…

  5. Hello, just checking in to send you some (non intrusive and acceptable virtual) hugs.

    I don’t know what “ACC” is (is it a US phenomenon?) but the whole thing sounds tricky and complicated so my/our thoughts are with you.


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