Cloudie & the garden

Growing up, our neighbour had an amazing garden.  Often we would sit on the fence post and watch her work in the garden.  When we were old enough, we were allowed to help her as well.  Those times in the garden with Cloudie (as she was nicknamed by all the neighbourhood kids) are some of the best memories that we have of the childhood.  We found out today that she has gone into hospice care as her cancer has now advanced to the point where she probably won’t be with us for much longer.

Take care my friend…
You will be missed…
You saved us more times than you will ever know…
You gave a place of sanctuary to an awkward girl that no one loved, for that I thank you…

The Garden
The Garden – by castorgirl on


5 thoughts on “Cloudie & the garden

  1. Oh, I see … your memories seemed so positive that I assumed Cloudie herself had been accepting of you. I understand the positive-place-association phenomenon, though … I have those, too.

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