Our baby

Our baby
Our baby by castorgirl on Polyvore.com

This about how old our baby would be if things had been different.

The night we came back from the hospital we curled up on the bed and cried for the loss.  The ex-husband watched cartoons on television.  This was his form of coping, apparently he did get upset when talking about it to a friend later on.  We’ve often wondered about his psychology though.

Addition by one of us who is a little more charitable and honest about the ex-husband.

8 thoughts on “Our baby

  1. Thank you so much David.

    Sometimes we are thankful that a precious life wasn’t brought into an abusive environment/marriage. Sometimes it kicks us in the gut that we lost her.

  2. We have one – an external child, not an inner one – held in peaceful eternity, too — thank you David for providing the healing re-frame, although it still hurts like for example when the other day we were invited to see my wife’s brother’s twins born two months ago, and his wife didn’t let us hold one of them for a second, no no, she said 😦 😦 like we didn’t have a chance to held the one now held above somewhere in eternity

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