Who shall I be next?

Just got back from therapy…  There was a switch from Sophie to Aimee during the session which Liz spotted, in response she asked “Who have you become now?”

Is this us being too sensitive, or is that a little weird?  Seemed more like she was asking which character in a movie we were now playing…

I also know that therapists have a lot to remember, but it would be kinda nice if they remembered basic stuff that could trigger – like issues surrounding having children 😦

Disheartened… but we have to give her a fair go.


14 thoughts on “Who shall I be next?

  1. Hmmm… Yes, this is at the minimum insensitive. But it’s also not smart. If you switch, then what does a question like that mean to the part you’ve switched to?

  2. i dont think that i would ahve tkaen it well either, almost like an accusation rather than a question.

  3. Castorgirl,

    Maybe what she said, and how she came across saying it should be your next topic in therapy. I, too, live in a small town and one of the topics my T has brought up is that it is difficult to find a T who BELIEVES a person can dissociate. My T’s attitude is sometimes our topic – he recognizes I won’t progress if I’m hung up on worrying about what he’s thinking.

    I would definitely bring it up and get to know her a bit more before sharing too much. (that’s if you can help it, sometimes, I can’t help it)

  4. Please, don’t be disheartened. She doesn’t know you so long (how many sessions have you had with her?). I think that such inappropriate expression from her no longer happens, when she know you better and you have worked longer with each other. I hope so. What you write has nothing to do that you’re too sensitive. It’s your feeling, in this situation at this time (and in my mind even this feeling has its reasons). I also think that should be the next topic in therapy. It’s necessary to build confidence.

    Take care, all of you…. and Aimee is Aimee 🙂 It’s really difficult for a 9 year old girl to handle such a comment).

  5. Oh my this sounds difficult – I hear how hard it must be for Aimee to hear this – so confusing. I wonder though whether it is something you can talk about with Liz (it sounds like although she works with other DID clients you are ‘learning’ together – I’d hope that if she was any good she would be able to take your thoughts on this on board). It’s not that you are too sensitive – your feelings about this REALLY MATTER, but perhaps she is not aware of how her comments feel for you.

  6. I would have been uncomfortable and felt misunderstood. I don’t know how long you’ve been seeing your current T. If she is new, I would give her a break. But if you’ve been seeing her for a while, it’s her just to keep everybody straight. I would at least tell her you’re uncomfortable and work out a reasonable solution.

    I know our T have alot to deal with, but nothing makes me angrier than my T asking, “Who am I talking to now?” Can’t stand it.

    Best wishes.

    Missing In Sight

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