Taking a break…

Just a note to say we’re going to be taking a break from everything for awhile.  Need to do a bit of re-grouping and hiding.  Nothing serious.

I know that most people just don’t update when this happens, but we’ve had online friends just not contact us for weeks and it’s been very triggery, scary and caused fears about their safety.  We didn’t want to cause anyone undue concern through an innocuous break.

Take care…


12 thoughts on “Taking a break…

  1. That’s very very considerate of you to post this. I have your blog in my RSS reader, so whenever you get to posting, I’ll see it! Keep safe. Paul.

  2. Thanks for letting us know you are okay. I hope you get things sorted out in your mind so you can function and blog and let us know how you are doing.

    You will be in our hearts and thoughts.

    Take care.

    Missing In Sight

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