Interviews and self-destruct mode fully functional

We hate flying.  The physical issues associated with our hearing loss mean that flying of any sort is incredibly painful and tiring.  So just getting to and from the interview we had yesterday was incredibly stressful and draining.  We did it though…

When we got to the University we were shown around the campus by another librarian.  It was an incredibly beautiful campus and the library was a clash of old building with new technology, but it worked.  There was lots of space for communal or individual work and the teaching spaces were well appointed.  The first sign that things were a little odd were evident fairly early on.  Part of the tour took us past the reference desk where two librarians were working, one was busy doing their own work staring at the computer screen, the other was helping a student.  My tour guide paused and it was obvious that he was going to make introductions.  The librarian who was doing their own work looked at us out of the corner of their eye and kept on working.  When the student left the other librarian (who was the head of one of the service areas) my tour guide stepped towards her and we both looked at her.  She ignored us both and went back to typing furiously on her keyboard.

So maybe professionalism and basic customer service isn’t their thing???

Also went into the staffroom where several librarians were having lunch, again just suspicious looks.

So maybe even smiling isn’t their thing???

Then the interview…  we gave a quick presentation and then got into the questions.  The Human Resources guy was rude.  He mentioned that some of our responses were strange.  He was dismissive and at times confrontational.  It was awful.  We were already off-balance because of the odd behaviour we saw during the tour, so answered questions badly.  In part because Management realised we wouldn’t fit in there, so purposefully answered a few of the questions in an odd way – not enough to be written off, but enough to mean that we shouldn’t get through to the next round in the process.

We hope we don’t get offered the job, I’m not sure how you turn down a job offer.  I’m just so lucky that we’re currently employed so we have the luxury of being able to turn down jobs.

After we finally got home Sophie was in tears and couldn’t stop crying.  We needed to reach out, but didn’t know how.  We chatted very briefly with a friend, but the sense of compassion and caring we got was too much to handle.  We needed to punish ourselves instead…  punish ourselves for needing to reach out… punish that need Sophie had to cry… punish ourselves for applying for the job…

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10 thoughts on “Interviews and self-destruct mode fully functional

  1. Oh I am so sad that you weren’t able to accept the comfort and had to punish yourselves. I don’t think you deserved to be punished at all – it’s ok to reach out, to cry, to go for something even though it didn’t work out. I’m sorry that it was such a rubbish experience and hope that Sophie gets a little TLC.

    Lots of hugs


  2. Thank you Rachel 🙂

    Thought we weren’t strong enough to try for the interview, but stupidly went for it anyway. Lesson learnt… We’ve been going downhill for awhile and this experience just solidified that knowledge.

    Take care…

  3. Tiring is so true and sometimes an understatement. I’m sorry you went thru this but just because they offer you the job doesn’t mean you fail if you turn it down. And, it might not have been you who cratered the interview, it sounds like they were very unfriendly – you wouldn’t want to work there anyway.

    You’re right, you have the luxury of applying for job and turning them down. You have the time to pick one that you would really like.

    Hang in there,

  4. I’m really sad, that the interview was such painful for you all and that you must punished yourself to stand this nightmare.
    What you have written about the people at the university sounds really odd and probably no one of you, would feel fine there.
    You depend not necessarily at the moment on a new job and that is real, real good.
    I hope you feel a little better. Take good care all of you (and I hope Sophie could stop crying. I know too well, that such experience hurts a lot)

    Lots of hugs from heart


  5. Here’s how you turn down a job offer, dearest:

    “Thank you for your generous offer. The job isn’t a good match for me at this time, so I’m declining. I appreciate your confidence in me, and enjoyed meeting you.”

    Nothing feels better than turning down a job offer from an asshat. Which these people clearly were.

    I’m so sorry that the situation was such a nightmare … from what you’ve said above, I think you did very well. It makes perfect sense to me that you deliberately answered questions “oddly” in order not to make it to the next round of interviews … I’ve done the same thing on numerous occasions.

    You took a risk, and I think you did a very good job in a destabilizing and frightening situation.

  6. Thank you David. I’m sure that we won’t be considered for the position based on my answers during the interview, but it’s one of our concerns. We’re not good at saying “No”.

    The reaction of the HR person was interesting. I’m unsure of whether he was testing us to see if we could handle stress, he had immediately written us off or if he is a pompous prick. No matter which option is correct, it was incredibly un-professional and didn’t give a good impression of the institution.

    Saying that, we were also on alert and hypervigilant, so to anyone else it may have appeared a very normal and positive interview.

    Kind regards

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