Has anyone experienced the feeling that their daily functioning and coping is falling away, but you still have enough rational thinking to realise that this is happening?  If so, what have you done to help yourself climb out of that hole or situation?


10 thoughts on “Curious…

  1. Realising it is the first step to dealing with it. I have found for me its best not to fight it, take the day off and just be at home or wherever your safe place is. Treat yourself to something nice. The feeling will pass. Just make sure you are safe.

  2. I talk about it. My first source is my therapist. I talk about it with him. Most often he is able to help me sort through what’s been going on in my life that may have triggered the decline, and from there he helps me come up with a way to deal with it. If necessary I talk with my psychiatrist. I will admit, I only turn to her when absolutely necessary because I hate messing with my meds (as I think many of us do).

    And, I do as Amie mentioned. I try to remember that this has happened before and it will pass.

    Take gentle care.

  3. I try to keep in touch with people who can keep me grounded in reality. I know every one of your readers is willing to support you, so don’t hesitate to ask.

    Identifying triggers, and realizing, as the commenter above said, that I’ve been there before and survived … those are helpful things.

    There are so many things that were triggering about your interview; it’s no wonder you feel destabilized.

    One thing I was thinking, about dear Sophie and her need to cry after what you went through … perhaps it would help to remind the system that crying is a really healthy way for the body to release stress toxins. It’s not just about being emotional; it’s a physically healing thing to do. I wish I had the capacity to do it.

  4. I’ve felt it every day as my daily functioning and coping falling away. Previously, it has helped me to identify the trigger which destabilize us and shares the injured ones in security with the help of my T. Probably, you can ask inside for help to handle the situation, ask if someone can told you what exactly is going on, what is need. Wish I could help better.

    Take good care (((())))

  5. A great big YES! !

    I feel it often. I complain about it often in my sessions. It seems as if I’m going along becoming this great person I always hoped I could be and then POW, no more me. No more control. And I am very aware of it. I just can’t get a grip strong enough to stop it and turn it around.

    And then, one day, I realize I’m good again. T says the back slide is to be expected and that it was probably an alter’s issue trying to resolve itself. I think I have far, far too many back slides.

    What do I do? I try to “hole” in, but Mr.S won’t let me – if he knows about it. Otherwise, I try to go with the flow and not beat myself up over it. Ce’st la vie.

    Hang in there.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. We have next week off work as the Mother is coming up for our birthday. Hopefully this will help.

    I find it interesting that the responses mention a mix of reaching out and working through the period internally through reflection and using the knowledge base gained through coping skills.

    This blog will be our only effort to reach out, we’re not capable of trusting those around us. Saying that, I’m not aware of anything that anyone can do to help us, but we thank you for the offer David.

    Sophie has the ability to endear herself to those around us who are aware of her as a separate personality within our system. She is our most likeable one. She is the only one of us who can cry. At times this does embarrass and disgust the rest of us. Crying is not something that we’re familiar with or understand, and I know that makes us sound incredibly harsh. But then, we are incredibly harsh without her to influence how we see the world.

    Part of the problem David, is that we really don’t care if we make it through this or not. This is not to say that we’re necessarily suicidal, but rather the apathy is such that there is no drive to continue. The glimmers of fight that we can sometimes muster are few and far between.

    Kind regards

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