Last year we were sent up to the local psychiatric unit for an assessment.  We knew that it would be a long wait until we were assessed, so took some paper and crayons with us.  These are some of the things we did while we waited.  A good distraction then and a good distraction now as we try to cope with the mother being here.

First writing to try and calm down:



Top row:
Help Us
2nd row:
3rd row:
Sick of This
4th row:
Is this it?




When we were sectioned a couple of years ago we did incredibly intricate versions of this sort of doodle. This one is on an A5 size sheet of paper, the others were on A2 and were much more detailed and circular. Then at times Sophie was asked by a young one to draw a sunflower, tree or flax to try and help calm them. Just realised that some of the young ones used to pretend they were hiding in green plants as part of the dissociation. The plants didn’t have flowers, but were always a cool, comforting green.

As the wait wore on, we started to establish the rules that would enable us to get out of the hospital –



Writing to the left:
Good Job!
These will get us out of here!
List of rules:
– no yelling
– don’t show wounds
– say ‘Thank you’ & ‘Please’
– say ‘I’ NOT ‘we’ or ‘us’
– smile!!!
– make eye contact!!


10 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Wow. I am lucky so far in that I’ve not been hospitalized. It’s been suggested and I’ve (Blue) has been threatened with it, but not yet.

    I hate that you are forced to disavow your alters by saying “I”, instead of “we”. That is a clear indicator for my T that I’m having dissociating or that one or more alters are close.

    Wishing you well. ((Castorgirl))

  2. Thank you, for this post.
    I’ll take the list of rules with me, when I’m in hospital again and try to handle the situation. The reaction of the last doctor was really ugly as I said “us” instead of “I”
    I was stunned with drugs because they thought I was psychotic 😦

    Hope you can cope your mother at your home.

    Take good care ((((()))))

  3. I know those rules, the ones you need to follow in order to be let out. I have others …

    – Eat .. even if only a little bit.
    – Don’t isolate.
    – Don’t refuse your meds.
    – Don’t hurt yourself.
    – Don’t throw your bedding in the hallway.
    – Rock your littles in mind, not in body.

    and, as you listed,

    – Omit we, they, and us from vocabulary.
    – And smile.

    Thanks for sharing your list.

  4. These are great. I especially like your “Doodle” which reminds me of some of the “doodles” I’ve done. By the way, I’ve taken to painting some puzzle pieces and photographing them. Inspired by your banner page! Thanks, Paul.

  5. Thank you, castorgirl, for sharing.

    It reminds us the importance of going back to coloring and doodling. Right now we don’t have the mental energy, but hopefully next week we’ll get to it.

    I really love the creative way you and your selves handled what was probably a stressful situation.

    Stay strong and take care.

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