We return our new camera :(

Every time we’ve used the new camera there has been a technical error of some sort – on continuous shooting it will rapidly take photos and then make a horrendous grinding noise and stop; give an error 99 message; suddenly not work…  So today we took it back to the retailer to either get a replacement camera or our money back.  In New Zealand there is a Consumer Guarantee Act which means that if there is a fault which means that the unit can’t be repaired or is not meeting expectations in terms of use, quality and price then the product must be replaced or your money refunded.  As the camera seemed faulty and wasn’t working in keeping with it’s price we took it back.

The retailer saw the situation quite differently.  They said that they would return it to Canon and they would investigate it and let us know what they were going to do.  What ensued was over an hour of discussion revolving around the retailers decision not to refund or give a new camera and our stating our rights under the Act.  It was so incredibly stressful.  Thankfully the mother was there to at least give some support.  After an hour we had finally got to the point where we were meant to sign the form that would enable the retailer to return the camera to Canon with the list of faults (after 5 attempts by the technician to fill in this form).  The retailer expected us to sign the form without reading it.  Thankfully Management had come forward to deal with this (Frank and Ellie had been present earlier); and when reading the agreement she picked up on the wording that stated the Consumer Guarantee Act and so questioned which option would be offered when the camera was found to be faulty – replacement or refund.  The poor technician for the retailer had no idea, so once again had to go off and ask the salespeople…

End result… We walked out of the shop with a brand new replacement camera.

It was incredible.  Half way through the whole discussion we needed to rip the arm apart as punishment for causing a fuss, but Ellie wouldn’t allow us to walk away without a fight for our rights within the clear bounds of the law.  Management had the emotional distance to reason the argument through with the staff that were probably a little frazzled from dealing with a rather forceful Frank.  The thing is, we know the Act as we’ve worked in the service industry for years.  We knew they weren’t keeping within the spirit of the Act.  It was just finding a way to find a way to get a result which didn’t mean we were without a camera for 2-4 weeks…

In other news, it was our birthday today.  Probably not the best day to try and return a product to a retailer whom we know has a history of poor customer service.

14 thoughts on “We return our new camera :(

  1. Wow, I actually see the whole event as your birthday present to yourself/selves… congrats! You gave yourself/selves a gift of being taken care for your (most basic) need of experiencing that the law protects you, as well, not just other people.

    Happy for all your alters who experienced it. yay yay. And singing happy birthday to you 🙂

  2. Heh well done on getting a replacement! I am rubbish at this kind of stuff and always end up doing as they say. That error 99 usually means the death of a camera.
    Did you take any pictures with the new one? 🙂 and happy birthday x

  3. YAY! I saw the title for this post and immediately worried you returned the camera because of some other reason (like you decided you didn’t want it anymore). But I was glad to see this wasn’t the case. We have a similar policy here in the US. When something doesn’t work in the first few days (or months, not sure what the law is really), you can take it back to the store and they replace it. I do recommend you get a service contract on the camera. These are usually reasonable and with modern cameras, there’s a lot that can go wrong. It’s peace of mind. Did I say that? How could I have? I rarely have “peace of mind”. Anyway, I’m going to start posting photos on my blog… and I hope to see some images from you too!!??

    I think I told you, but maybe I did only in my head, that I’m making some images not unlike your banner image on this site.


  4. Happy Birthday! Hope the rest of it goes great!

    Wow, that sucks about trying to return your first camera. In the States we simply walk into the store and say we want our money back, or we say we want a replacement. One of the craziest returns I did was buying a used car and returning it 3 days later.

    Sorry getting your camera replaced was such a hassle for you, at least you had some support.

  5. No matter how difficult it was to replace the camera. You’ve done it and fight for your right. You all can proud on it.

    and happy birthday from us (((())))

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