Was given this by the mother…

Anne Rice quote

Ashley Rice quote

You are a very special person… Make sure you always remember that.
Ashley Rice.

Yes, it’s slightly crooked and that REALLY annoys me…

2 thoughts on “Special…

  1. Hi Paul,

    There was a huge range of reactions to this and the mother giving it to us. Some were incredibly cynical, some hurt, some pleased, some triggered… The word “special” has huge connotations for many survivors, for us it was a word used within our grooming for abuse – “you’re my special girl”. So being given this as a present from this woman was hard to take. But, it sounds incredibly ungrateful to say that. She didn’t know what was happening and is now trying to show she cares. The problem is that she showed that with a present, which is another trigger – “you have to pay for that present now”…

    Sorry we’re at work very early as our cynical friend got some very bad news yesterday about her husband who has terminal cancer. We’re probably a bit too raw at the moment to really show our appreciation for this gift… I do like the quote…

    Take care…

    PS, found last night that the editing software has a manual way to correct the crookedness, so will do that tonight as it really bugs me 🙂

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