Winning raffles…

Last week we won a $50 meat pack.  It’s the first time we’ve won anything in about 10 years 🙂  What’s rather amusing is that we can’t touch meat.  Today we got the call – our prize was ready to be picked up…

Problem: How do you pick-up a bulk meat pack when you can’t touch meat?
Solution: Get our cynical friend from work to come along as a meat carrier 🙂

So we sheepishly told our friend that we’d won this pack, but had issues with touching meat.  Thankfully she knows us pretty well by now – she has asked out of blue if we have multiple personalities in the past…  So she knows we have issues that need tissues.  She also wanted a break from work, so was more than happy to go with us.

We got to that school where we won the raffle – did you know that they have 6 foot high metal bar fences around schools now??  Well this school is in a low decile area with a high crime rate so it makes sense, but it was still a bit of a shock to see a school that was like a fortress.  We found the office and had to wait while they went off and got the pack.  Thankfully our friend is also a mother and just amazing woman, so when they brought this bag of meat out from the kitchen area she seamlessly said “Oh, I’ll take that” when the woman went to give us the pack…  It wasn’t a fuss or hassle, just a very gentle intervention that could have been a normal part of any conversation.

When we got back to work, she then broke the pack down so that all we had to do was put the bags into our freezer.  She’s amazing…

If you’re wondering why we still picked up the pack rather than donating back to the school – the mother is still thinking of moving up here for 6 months so it’s for her.

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2 thoughts on “Winning raffles…

  1. Its nice to have good friends 🙂 i’m glad she was there for you.
    My school had a 6ft metal fence too 🙂 i still managed to escape it on numerous occasions. The kids pull the fences apart! Since i’ve left they have started locking the gates during the school day! Madness!

  2. It was really odd walking up to this school and seeing the fence. It’s also locked all day – a teacher was locking the gate as we arrived. I asked our friend if she thought it was about keeping the kids in or the rest of the world out 🙂

    There’s no way the kids could pull these bars apart, they were solid steel and about the thickness of a child’s arm – not the thinner stuff that I’ve seen them bending.

    Sorry about Bella… :((
    Take care and spoil yourself lots this week xx

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