Importance of "ie"

In a comment to the Froggie entry, we made a casual observation that “Froggie” must mean something to a young one because the name given ended in “ie”.  This didn’t really mean much to us at the time, but last night we were thinking about it and wondering what the “ie” ending meant for us.  In the context of our dissociative system it obviously means a great deal in that our names include Sophie, Carrie, Mickie and Ellie.  What is interesting is that none of these parts hold any abusive memories – Sophie was born to ensure we were a happy teenager and looks after young ones; Mickie protects young ones; Carrie is the protector of The Attic, while Ellie is a main protector on another floor.  So it could be concluded that someone who protected us in some way had a similar name ending.  This could be the case for our childhood neighbour whom everyone called Cloudy; we adapted that to Cloudie to fit with a more idealised person who loved us unconditionally – which in reality she didn’t.

Two of our main protectors don’t have the “ie” ending – One and Management.  These two aren’t as affectionate as the other protectors, but are instead a watchful caring – a simple example is that The Basement is always dark and when Aimee goes to visit One, he turns on a spotlight so that it always on Aimee and she won’t get scared.  One also ensures that everyone in The Basement is quiet while Aimee is there.  So it’s gentle caring that isn’t overly affectionate, but is a dependable (always there) kind of love.  Management and One pre-date Ellie and Carrie in being given names and their defined roles, I think this has influenced their names.

Names we’ve given to pets and objects we like which pre-date our understanding of the dissociation also have this “ie” ending – for example, we’ve had Winnie for about 14 years now.  So it’s been an unconscious association for many years.  I wonder if it’s to do with Katie?  Katie is our youngest one and was formally known as Sweetie Pie.  She holds an innocence that we all need to protect.  Because of this it would make sense that if our brain decided that names ending in “ie” held some innocence, then names such as Management are stronger ones to protect that innocence.  In many ways our system is built around protecting Katie, but she is not in The Attic where the innocents/innocence is kept.  Maybe we needed a reminder of what we needed to protect?  She is a hurt innocent though, so maybe that is why she is with us?

Sorry for the rambling, it’s not really working out with Liz and so we’re trying to do the work things out without having someone there to talk to.

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3 thoughts on “Importance of "ie"

  1. As a note about it not really working with Liz – it’s been interesting going to the woman’s support programme as that IS working. It’s mainly Sophie who talks to the woman at the programme, whereas Sophie is now too scared to talk to Liz. We talked about this last week during our appointment at the programme place and sort of came to the conclusion that we’re getting more work done there because it’s not “therapy”. The programme said at the start that they don’t do therapy, so there are no expectations of working on things and getting them right. It’s just a safe place to be for an hour each fortnight. Whereas with Liz, there are expectations of us working on difficult things. Maybe we’re scared of not meeting those expectations?

    We’re not seeing Liz for a fortnight, so will try and talk to her about it all then.

  2. Interesting about the “ie” on safe names. It’s made me think of my behavior and words and keepsakes. I haven’t many keepsakes, I’m not a keeper of things. Easier to get gone if there isn’t so many cherished things about, I guess.

    Maybe your “ie’s” are similar to my Colors! I love color and when I’m stressed, touching color is comforting. Maybe having “ie” at the end of system names is just comforting and grounding.

    Interesting post!

  3. I know what you mean about not having many cherished things Ivory…

    I’m pretty sure the “ie” is a comfort or something that a young one liked for some reason. We’re sort of rambling, trying to make sense of things. We often come up with our best reasoning when we ramble – like the conscious mind gets bored with the ramble so lets the sub-conscious through which holds the real answer or reason 🙂

    Take care…

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