The ripple from each drop is similar to how each part of the system can impact on another, or be totally out of touch and isolated…


6 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. Wow! Paul and you are on the same page today! I can identify with what you both are saying. I love that we all try to explain and identify our unique situations and with so many different ideas, we can still find a connection that makes sense, in all of them!

  2. Yay. I love the water!!!! I’m glad we are both “on the same page”.

    The other day, it’s rained 70% of the last 45 days, I saw a puddle and very interesting reflection in the puddle. I thought it would have been nice to have my camera. So, this is just a suggestion that you may want to look at reflections. In the reflection, I saw a metal fence. I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition: water which means open and flowing and fence which means barrier.



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