Hell & Anger

We did this clip over a year ago, but heard the song on the radio earlier and it reminded us about this clip.  Just trying to keep occupied…

Note: It contains images which are only suitable for adults and might trigger.

6 thoughts on “Hell & Anger

  1. Wow. This is really intense. This “Hell and Anger” piece is exactly where I was at many times last week. I couldn’t portray this adequately to my therapist, though, or even to myself. Seeing this is so helpful.

    I also went to look at your YouTube channel. I had not known you had one.

    “Little girl lost…” has a whopping 10,000 views! It’s excellent. I wonder what the song is. Is it a Tori Amos piece?

    I would love to learn how to make these kinds of movies, where you match the music so perfectly to the slides. I’ll send you an email to ask.


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