Bridge and night photography

We’ve started to go out at night taking photos.  When we first started doing this I took it as being a simple distraction; now I’m starting to think there is more to it.  The photo below is one of our favourites and was taken on a busy night in town under one of the bridges.  Under this particular bridge is quite busy – there is a road where cars tend to speed down and the homeless and drunk often gather nearby.  Put into this mix a dissociative woman walking into this area with a $2000 camera.  Are we asking to be robbed, attacked or both?  All of the places where we’ve taken photos at night have been in similarly risky areas.  Our neighbourhood is a rough one, yet we go walking with the camera knowing we won’t be able to take good photos because of our essential tremor (shaking hands and slower shutter speeds of night photography don’t mix).  I had sort of relaxed about our night expeditions as I thought they were innocent distractions.  Now I have to try to monitor them more closely…

Bridge reflection

Bridge reflection

12 thoughts on “Bridge and night photography

  1. For me nighttime feels safe. Its dark, people can’t see you so easily. I’ve always liked the dark. Just an added idea for you to think about 🙂

  2. My thera would freak out, if I told her, that I would walk alone in such risky areas at night (even at daylight). When I saw your absolute beautiful pictures for the first time, a protector said immediately to me “It’s not safe” 😦 but I didn’t know that you are going to such risky places. It’s good and I’m very glad that you are thinking about it. Maybe there are some possibilities to make this “go out in the night” a little bit safer. please take care of you. safe hugs ((())) if ok.

  3. Great picture! Yes, I don’t want anything to happen to you. So, please do an “all of you” assessment of whether this is safe for you. Just a thought, but if you got a tripod (a heavy one), you could use it as a weapon against an attacker. I’m half serious. Paul

  4. The pic is wonderful Castorgirl – thank you for sharing it.

    I hate the dark. It scares the life out of me. There’s a boogey man behind every shadow and behind every noise. *shudders*

    Please stay safe out there, CG.

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