Good things :)

Two good things from this week:

  1. ACC have approved 20 sessions with Liz (yippee!!)
  2. We got an “Excellent” rating on our job performance review.  This is surprising considering that we hate the job – we even said so in the review.  But, we have specialised skills that the library needs, so they want us to get a bonus for retention purposes.

13 thoughts on “Good things :)

    • Yes, Liz had to justify why we still need therapy and how we have improved with the previous work. ACC’s main issue was that we’d had so much therapy with seemingly no improvement.

      Take care,

        • That’s the joys of the ACC system… They’ve sent me to assessments where the psychiatrist has recommended long term therapy, 6 months in a psychiatric hospital and more courses… But they ignored all of that during this last request for more therapy and said that we hadn’t improved because we were still suicidal – they didn’t understand the different between intent and ideation. We’re just happy to be given another round of sessions and not have to try to negotiate a price for therapy without ACC support – Liz knew we couldn’t afford her full price so had already raised the option of negotiating something reasonable.

    • Oh yeah 🙂 Our heart sank when we opened the ACC letter because it was so thick – usually indicating a declined decision and including extra information about appealing etc. But it was just a form they want us to fill in 🙂

      By the way… soooooo not jealous of where you went for your holiday 🙂 Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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