D. One

She made herself known to us last night… I’ve never been so scared.


11 thoughts on “D. One

  1. My first thought was: fear, danger, pain. My second thought was: “What incredible power” she has. I understand why you are so scared and I can imagine what the abbreviation of “D.” means. With this power she could do everything. She could hurt and destroy.
    I really, really hope you can communicate with her. Even if you have such great fear, you must try it. For you, for the little one’s…
    Thinking of you. Take care, all of you ((()))

    • Thank you (((LostShadowChild)))… She can hurt and destroy. She considers the rest of us weak and meaningless. I’m not quite sure how to communicate with her in a healthy way.

      Take care,

  2. This is incredibly powerful. Like LSC, I see the same things. I understand why you are so scared. I think making this image is part of that communication. It may also help to know that she is hurting too. It’s our job to help these parts even though our inclination is to run away from them. This is where the courage comes in. And you have plenty of it, because everything you have been doing to heal over the past couple months or so has been focused on addressing the major issues you face. This part is a piece of that. It was necessary she made herself known. Now you have some work ahead of you.

    Take care. I think thinking of you.

    • She is incredibly scornful of you inferring that she is hurting… She is strong and the rest of us are weak… I’m not sure why, but yours and David’s comments annoy her. This is good in that it meant she left another message for me, but it was unfortunately just more negativity.

      I haven’t told Liz about her yet, so I’m hoping that she’ll be able to give some tips on communicating with her.

      Take care,

  3. That image is so arresting.

    Fire destroys. And it cleanses and purifies … in good ways. It’s natural to be frightened when faced with something so seemingly out of your control. I notice that she is looking away from the figures whom she seems to be blasting with her powerful hand … what would happen if she looked toward them? Would she still be able to send out her destruction?

    • Yes, she’ll destroy us while either looking at us, or looking away. We are meaningless pawns to her at the moment. I know she has already destroyed or damaged at least one other very strong alter, so her threats aren’t without substance.

      I think she considers the fire as a tool of powerful destruction…

      Take care,

  4. If you look at it as alter personalities, the fire-starter is drawing attention away from those who might need the attention more, such as the little girl in the bottom right and the little girl in the upper right, and the 2 other “gray” faced children on the right. The 4 are alone while all others have given attention to the fire-starter who is either trying to hurt the small 4 with her fire, or is acting out to gain the attention she is getting from the others. Very interesting photo.

    • Thank you Ivory… I very rarely understand what my artwork means, so it’s interesting to hear what others think.

      Take care,

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