Lost in the clouds

Flying through space, dissociated from everything
Watching all my fellow travellers trying to touch ground
But there is no ground in this strange land, just clouds
These clouds provide no sanctuary
They encourage you to fly higher and higher
Soaring higher into the bright blue sky

The colours are bright here in this cloud filled world
Blues are bluer
Greens are greener
Blood is redder
Smells are more intense too
Cigarette smoke burns your nose and lungs
Musty worn seats fill your senses

Memories fill the clouds
Clouds of pain
Clouds of scorn
Clouds of tears
Clouds of events you want to forget
Each touches you as you float by
Trying to grasp onto the cloud, only makes it dissipate before you

The clouds, like you, are lost with nowhere to go


6 thoughts on “Lost in the clouds

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement Paul… We’re trying to write more often and about more “meaningless” stuff, which actually turns out to be pretty meaningful later on.

      Take care,

  1. Memories seem to be everywhere and in everything. That’s what I see in the clouds…instead of a bunny rabbit or a flying horse. Even the clouds can turn to horror.

    • Hi Austin,
      I know what you mean… Our imagination runs with what it knows, and if it only knows horror, then that’s what it will go with.
      Take care,

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