We have to do another ACC assessment to continue getting assistance…  As a result we’ve been playing “angry” music.  This song in particular, fits nicely…


6 thoughts on “ACC

  1. I’m so so sorry, that you have to go through this assessment again. It’s terrible. I hope you have help from your thera and you got the assistance you need. But it’s still a chance. With a good preparation, you will make it!
    In my country, the therapy ends after 80 hours, no matter how badly it goes for the patient at the moment.
    Thinking of you. Take care ((())))

    • Hi LostShadowChild,

      When I hear how unjust other countries are in their treatment of survivors, it makes me incredibly grateful for the assistance I get – I do realise I’m lucky to get access to the help that I do. 80 sessions regardless of the outcome or stage of healing is unfair. I’m sorry this is the sort of system you are up against.

      I’m trying to stay positive about the assessment, I’m still in a bit of shock as they gave no hint of me needing another assessment in the letter I got a week ago which approved further sessions. I’ve also established that the psychiatrist who I will be seeing is a good doctor, so that will help.

      Take care and (((warm safe hugs)))

    • We usually listen to Audioslave and Green Day when we’re like this… Anything heavier causes a switch to the angrier ones. I don’t recall listening to Guttermouth, but I’ll check them out on YouTube and iTunes tonight and see if it helps get rid of the tension in the body. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Take care,

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