Silent scream

Standing alone in the wasteland behind the house.
Her clothes torn, dirty and hanging on her thin frame.
Blonde hair hanging loosely.
Limbs bloodied and bruised.
Standing perfectly still, a blank look on her face.
Shoulders slightly hunched.
Hands held in tight fists.
The waif waits…

She looks through the murky window.
Watching those within.
Following them with her eyes.
As they run to and fro.
A woman catches sight of her.
This dirty, silent waif.
She approaches the glass…
Secure in the confines of her room.

Staring at each other through the glass.
Curious as to what they see.
Through dirt and despair.
They spot similarities.
The woman inches closer.
The waif stays still.
The woman raises her hand to the glass.
The waif draws in a breath and opens her mouth to scream.

Her face contorts with effort.
Her body shakes.
Hands tighten.
Mouth wide.
The woman flinches back.
Recoiling from the distortion she sees.
But there is no sound…
The waif never makes a sound, no matter how loud she screams.


5 thoughts on “Silent scream

  1. I used to write poetry as a teen.I think some of it was pretty good.
    I can’t seem to do it no more, and I burned most of my stuff, so alla them is lost.
    I still kinda remember a poem, bout the sun, a ball of fire, and wishing I could hang it on a wire, round my neck, and crouch and warm my knees. LOL, it was a poem and rhymed and everything, but thats all I can remember of it. I just allus liked the image of being warm. Of crouching over the warm sun. MY warm sun.
    Maybe that kid can have a sun on a wire too, her very own, and crouch and warm herself too.
    Mine scream, but I can hear them. Its really annoying.
    I recoil from my ikids too.
    We need to not do that, but it pretty intense.
    Can you say more bout what the poem means to you?
    I love how you wtite, its very visceral.
    It makes there want to be emotions.
    Does it make you have emotions when you write?
    You don’t goto answer if your messed or if it make you messed. I was just wondering. Sometimes I say dumb stuff but I don’t mean to. I like good poetry. Sometimes I can feel and sometimes I can’t. I can’t right now, but I’ll read it nother time, and then I can feel, one time I will. But I can tell it makes me want to feel even if I can’t right now.

    • Hi Ones,

      I’m sorry you burned most of your work… I’m finding it important to be able to reflect back on things that I’ve written from the past. It helps me to spot changes and make new connections.

      I like the image or feeling of being warm, and having control over that warmth.

      This writing I think comes from the first time our host looked into the internal world. She saw a young one through the window screaming at her, but not making a sound. It was pretty scary for her, and she didn’t really understand what she was seeing or experiencing.

      I’m not really aware of emotions when writing things like this, I think it happens in a dissociative state, so I’m not really aware of it.

      I don’t mind answering the questions, but it feels like I don’t know the answers. I don’t remember writing this, but I do know it took awhile and it was edited down.

      Please don’t put yourself down… You asked smart questions which I should ask myself so that I’m more aware of what I’m doing and what is happening in the system.

      Take care,

  2. This is so sad, but it’s beautifully written. My favorite kind of reading is when the writer has used words to create visual images in the reader’s mind. I used to call them word pictures. I used to teach Bible verses to preschoolers that way (turn the words into visual images) because it made them so much easier for 3 and 4 year olds to understand. You have done more than create a visual picture. You were able to communicate a whole bundle of different emotions and make me feel them all ~ what each woman was feeling as the poem progressed, even what the objective narrator seemed to convey.

    I stopped writing for a long time but I’ve started again. It seems to go hand in hand with art therapy and I get so much more out of both when I do them together.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing poem!

    • Thank you Cookie… I wish I knew more about the poem and why it was written, I feel a bit silly responding to it when I don’t feel as if “I” wrote it.

      There is so much healing that can happen through creative expression. I’m glad you’re writing and being creative again… I’d like to read them if there comes a time when you want to share them.

      Take care,

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